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¿Por qué es tan popular la serie Dead de Play'n GO?

Dead Series de Play'n GO es una de las principales series online del mundo slot , con 11 títulos publicados y más en el horizonte. Pero, ¿qué hace que Dead Series sea tan popular? Descúbrelo a continuación... 

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¿Qué es la serie Dead? 

Fans of online slot games will undoubtedly have heard of many titles in Play’n GO’s Dead Series, especially games like Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead, arguably one of the most beloved titles in iGaming. Games like Scroll of DeadRise of Dead, Legacy of Dead, and all other entries in the series, explore one particular theme. That theme is treasure hunting for Ancient Egyptian artefacts.

Estos títulos no sólo comparten un tema similar, sino que también hacen uso de características populares y probadas que los fans adoran. Pero, ¿qué será lo próximo de la serie Dead? 

Nuevos juegos para la serie Dead 

After success with more recent titles like Pilgrim of Dead and Scales of Dead, it’s understandable that fans are excited for what’s on the horizon. While there are plenty of things in the works for this series, and for the Play’n GO library on the whole with a new title releasing every week, there is one title approaching in just a few weeks' time.


Captura de pantalla de Scales of Dead

Banquet of Dead is launching on the 7th of March and focuses on a very interesting (and often disputed) story in Ancient Egyptian history. Players will delve into the tomb of the vengeful Queen Nitocris to explore her resting place and the site of her infamous banquet. This is where she invited the killers of her brother, Pharoah Merenre Nemtyemsaf II, to a feast, only for them all to meet a grisly end when Nitocris flooded the sealed chamber with the crushing waters of the Nile River.

Captura de pantalla de Banquet of Dead

Banquet of Dead is a 5x3 online slot with thrilling features and eye-catching graphics. As the newest addition to the Dead Series, long-term fans will be familiar with the Free Spins and Special Expanding Symbols found in the game, which we will explore later, as well as the general thematic choices when it comes to design. With all this, Banquet of Dead will serve as a great entry point for newer players, too, bringing everything that’s great about the previous titles in the Dead Series with updated visuals and audio. 

La familia Wilde 

When it comes to the Dead Series, there’s something else that players are going to be very familiar with. That is the legendary Wilde family, consisting of the courageous explorer Rich Wilde, his tenacious daughter Cat Wilde, and the redeemed black sheep of the family, Uncle Gerard. It was Rich Wilde himself that sought out and found the infamous treasure, the Book of Dead.

Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead captura de pantalla

And following this, their family legacy has snowballed into something of worldwide renown. Cat Wilde followed in her father’s footsteps and now flies solo undertaking her own expeditions in Dead series titles such as Cat Wilde and the Pyramids of Dead, as well as other Wilde adventures like the recently released Cat Wilde and the Incan Quest.  

Cat Wilde and the Pyramids of Dead captura de pantalla

For new players that aren't sure of how to play a slot or have even pondered the question “what is a slot game?” the release of Gerard’s Gambit is the perfect way to answer those very questions. This entry into the Wilde series is a progressively expanding slot, adding larger reels and more complex features as players advance through levels by completing objectives. Not only does this provide new players with a good platform to learn how to play slots, but it also provides veteran players with an exciting and unique system of advancement.  

Captura de pantalla de Gerard's Gambit

Funciones populares de la serie Muertos 

Los juegos de la serie Dead son conocidos por su facilidad de uso y por ofrecer a los jugadores una selección de funciones populares. Las dos más destacadas son la emocionante ronda de tiradas gratuitas y los símbolos expansivos especiales.  

Para activar la ronda de tiradas gratuitas, los jugadores deben conseguir tres o más símbolos Scatter en los rodillos. Esto les premiará con un cierto número de Tiradas Gratis dependiendo del juego. La ronda suele incluir bonificaciones adicionales, como comodines fijos y multiplicadores. 

Los símbolos especiales de expansión también se encuentran en la serie Dead y se activan de varias formas, dependiendo del título al que se juegue. Estos símbolos especiales, cuando se activan, se expanden literalmente en un rodillo ocupando cada slot con el mismo símbolo. Esta expansión aumenta las posibilidades de crear combinaciones ganadoras en los rodillos. 


Si quieres saber más sobre la icónica Dead Series de Play'n GO, visita la página de Dead Series para obtener más información. Prepárate para sumergirte en la arena y buscar los tesoros perdidos del Antiguo Egipto. 




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