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Ascend to the famed home of the Greek Gods and demo online slots set atop Mount Olympus itself. These dangerous deities are full of pride and wrath, so prepare for them to demonstrate their powers across the grid in titles like Rise of Olympus 100 and Rise of Olympus Origins. These grid slots are bound to make even the cynical of mortals into true believers as Zeus bestows electrifying gifts to the worthy!



The three brothers Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades feature in many of our best Greek Mythology slots especially the Rise of Olympus series. After defeating their father Cronus, they now rule the realms of gods and mortals. But who are they really? Find out more about this powerful trio below. 


Zeus, god of the skies and king of the gods, is bursting with power. With a flick of his wrist, he can destroy whole sets of symbols across the grid in an instant. 


Zeus’ brother Poseidon was given domain over the seas. His chaotic rule is amplified by the unpredictable waves, allowing him to create Wild symbols out of nothing. 


It’s not a glamorous job, but Hades rules the Underworld with fairness. He can transform symbols as though they were transitioning between the lands of the living and dead via the river Styx itself. 

Demo the Rise of Olympus Series 

Do you want to try out these exciting titles? Our entire Rise of Olympus series including Rise of Olympus 100 can be played for free along with all of our other games in our library. You can demo slots for free via our website here


Key USPs 

  • Round Multiplier 

  • Hand of God Charge Meter 

  • Clear Grid Reward during Free Spins of 100x Bet Multiplier

The first title in the series, Rise of Olympus brings players to the precipice of Mount Olympus to visit this trio of powerful gods. Hit spin and watch the symbols cascade down the grid as the gods themselves assist in creating some epic wins with their powers. 

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