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Rock Out with the Reel Monsters Remixes – A Metal Symphony Unleashed

Immerse yourself in the monstrous world of the Lordi Reel Monsters Remixes – where the monstrous realms of iGaming and heavy metal collide, courtesy of Play'n GO Music. 

Play'n GO Música

But before diving headfirst into this metal mayhem, let's take a closer look at the game's origins and the band behind the iconic monster melodies. Lordi Reel Monstersis a dark 7x7 Grid Slot developed and released in 2022. It is renowned for its innovative Charge Metre, musical theme, and x4000 Multiplier.  


The history of Lordi (Reel Monsters) 

Set against a backdrop of darkness and mystery, Lordi Reel Monsters transports players to a world inhabited by shadowy creatures and otherworldly beasts, where every spin of the reels brings them closer to untold riches and untamed chaos. But this title wouldn't be as iconic as its leading stars: Lordi themselves.  


The Finnish hard rock-heavy metal band has been captivating audiences worldwide since 1992. Led by the enigmatic Mr. Lordi, their unique blend of music and spectacle has earned them a place in fans' hearts...Hard Rock Hallelujah! With 18 albums and numerous Platinum plaques to their name, they put the ‘heavy’ into heavy metal. 


Three is the magic number! 

Now, Play'n GO Music is proud to announce the release of the Lordi Reel Monsters Remixes, featuring three new remix tracks inspired to reinvent the band's iconic theme from 2022's Lord Reel Monsters slot. With the 'London Remix', 'Club Remix', and 'Transcendent Remix', the reworkings capture the essence of Lordi's music and blur the lines between a slot soundtrack and sonic supernova you can enjoy both on off the grid.  


Each track is meticulously crafted to enhance the action on the reels, and your speakers, taking your entertainment experience to a whole new level. Across the trilogy of remixes, eagle-eared fans will catch notes of ‘80s synth-pop, flourishes of electronic production and heavy-set quantities of vocal riffs in a way only Mr. Lordi can deliver.  


Whether you're a fan of online slots, Lordi, or both, the Lordi Reel Monsters Remixes offer an exhilarating ride that will leave you begging for more metal. So don't miss out on the ultimate Lordi experience – click here to listen to Lordi Reel Monsters Remixes now and unleash the beast within! 


Looking for more?  Revisit the slot that started it all, demo the Lordi Reel Monsters game here for free.

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