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Take a walk on the wild side


The wilderness can be a harsh and unforgiving place, and those stepping foot in this land of forests and mountains have plenty of things to contend with. Whether it’s braving the elements or standing your ground against wild animals, you’ll be in for a reel challenge when surviving in the wild. 


Do you think you’re up to the task of being a Wild Survivor? Then get ready to prove your mettle in this adventurous slot.


In Wild Survivor, you’ll spin the 5x3 reels to create winning lines of symbols across the reels, all the while keeping an eye out for potential hazards when roaming the wilderness. But, alongside those dangers you’ll find many hidden gems tucked away within nature’s embrace. These special bonus features can turn any simple hike into a once in a lifetime journey.  


So, get ready for another expedition, and keep those eyes peeled! 


Wild Prize Gathering 

During the base game, any Wild Survivor symbols that land can randomly trigger, turning into a collection symbol, instantly awarding all Instant Win Prizes that land on the reel. Should the Wild Survivor symbol trigger, he’ll grab his trusty binoculars, scouting out for any signs of wildlife around. The bigger the beast, the better the prize! 


During Free Spins, the Wild Survivor symbol will remain active throughout, too. 


Free Spins with Boosters 

Landing three Scatters on the reels will trigger the Free Spins round, awarding you with 10 spins. Before the round starts, you’ll get the chance to choose a trusty piece of equipment to keep at arm’s reach to boost your success. The equipment boosters include: 


Calls & Lures: Whether you’re on the hunt or just want to catch a glimpse of nature’s amazing wildlife, these will increase the chance of animal symbols appearing. 


The Mug: Sometimes it’s wise to hunker down and keep your stamina up. After all, it could be a long day. The mug will allow you to remain alert and stay comfortable with a nice warm drink at your side. This increases the chance of Wild symbols appearing. 


Night Vision: It’s getting dark and some of the most elusive critters only come out after nightfall. But with the help of your trusty Night Vision scope, that won’t be a problem for you. This boosts the win multiplier of all animal symbols by one. 


The Knife: Not just a defensive weapon, the knife can help you get out of plenty of sticky situations. Often seen as the king of wilderness tools, this knife will grant three additional spins at the start of the round, to keep you trekking through the wilderness no matter what obstacles get in your way. 


Wild Checkpoints 

During the Free Spins round, you’ll also want to keep those binoculars on the lookout for any hidden Wild Checkpoints in the area. These will help you to recharge and carry on for a little while longer before setting up camp. Every fourth Wild Symbol that lands during the Free Spins round advances to a new milestone on the trail. 


These milestones grant five extra spins and increase the Win Multiplier for any animal symbols that land by one each time. This progression continues with each milestone, accumulating up to a maximum of 15 extra spins and a x3 multiplier at the final one. 


Remember, the right equipment will only get your so far, survivor. You’ll have to rely on your strength of character and have a keen respect for nature if you’re to make it through this. Do you have what it takes? 



This wilderness-themed slot is packed with wild animal designs and stunning backdrops of nature to really help awaken the explorer within. With a range of wild animal symbols including bears, wolves, fish and deer, as well as camping equipment and the Wild Survivor himself, you’re sure to feel immersed in the wilderness with this title.  


Think you’ve got all the equipment you’ll need? Then get ready to head out into the wild for an exciting escapade.



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09 May 2024

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